Veronica Avluv Makes the Most of an Interview

Monday, November 19, 2012

Veronica Avluv really wants this job as an office assistant but she’s not sure she’s qualified enough. She decides to just be upfront and honest and tells her potential new boss that what she lacks in office skills, she makes up for in drop dead sexiness. To prove her point, she unbuttons her dress to reveal her large breasts covered by a beautiful, lacy bra.

Intrigued, the interviewer asks her to show him a bit more. That’s when Veronica Avluv pulls out the big guns (in the form of her big tits) and really gives this man a show. She reveals her amazing ass-ets one by one, and then stretches back on the couch, spreading her legs wide so he can see that her panties are crotchless and revealing. She invites him to come closer and take pictures to remember her by. And when she leaves his office, Veronica Avluv has a new job.

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